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[Character Name] Riff(ael) Raffit
[Canon] Godchild
[Point Taken from Canon] Right as Delilah's tower is collapsing around Riff and Cain

[Age] ~28
[Gender] Male
[Sexual Orientation] Riff: Homosexual | Riffael: Straight

[Eye Color] Ice Blue
[Hair Color] White/blue
[Height] 6'
[Other] He has a burn on his left breast that is shaped like a rose.
[Clothing] Riff almost always wears a suit and tie.

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[Riff can be seen in the living room, straightening and generally just tending the area like always. However, the one thing that will probably be noticed is the fact that, barely three feet from him, no matter where he moves to, there is a man, whose hair and visible eye match Riff's and, if he were standing and not floating, he would be a little shorter than Riff.

The problem with this man was that he was heavily burned, glossy-eyed, and obviously dead, if his transparency was anything to go by. However, despite his obvious presence, Riff doesn't seem to being paying him any mind; almost as if he doesn't see the ghost.

You could say he doesn't....but anyone who knows him well, will be able to see there's something off in the way he continues to perform his duties. He knows the ghost is there, he can see it, and it's effecting him more than he's wanting to let on.]
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[The dreamberry is acting up today. When is it ever behaving?
The brief clips of video it sends are of Riff as he goes about a special self-made mission for the day. The clips show him traveling all across Somni and various other places in Somarium that make it apparent that he is shopping.

When the feed is finally stable it shows Riff back in the house, a couple bouquets of flowers on the counter with ribbons around their vases, presents for a couple lucky ladies Riff had in mind while out. The usually immaculate kitchen is only slightly messed with the various baking materials needed for cookies, brownies, and, of course, scones.

Riff is baking things for people he believes would benefit from it, though, he's probably made too much, so, if you ask, I'm sure he'd be willing to share.]


Aug. 24th, 2011 08:44 pm
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//Filtered away from Cain//

Could I enlist the aid of some of you in Somarium? I would like your imput on a.....delecate situation I find myself in.

There is someone I would like to take to this festivale, for, it is my belief they would not go on their own just to have a good time.

What might you reccomend as a suitable outing for a rather...mature older teen?
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The ashes from the fire still burn. )

[Riff Sat bolt upright in bed, a gasp ripping from his lungs as if he hadn't been breathing in a long time. His eyes stared in horror into his empty room, the dream still playing behind his eyes. The room was ridiculously cold, chilling him through, and he shivered.]
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[The video cuts on to a figure in bed. Slowly he begins to stir, his eyes opening sleepily, he rolls into a sitting position and runs his hand across his face.

Reaching for the device, he doesn't notice it's recording and the sound of Cain's voice can be heard as he checks his messages.]

...Three weeks...how is that even possible?

...Lord Cain.

[He stands and sets the dreamberry down, going off camera to dress, intent on heading out to find his lord.]
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What a bizarre device. I believe this button...oh! It's recording I think. This is Riff Raffit, if you need to get a hold of me, leave a message and I will return your call.


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