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[Riff can be seen in the living room, straightening and generally just tending the area like always. However, the one thing that will probably be noticed is the fact that, barely three feet from him, no matter where he moves to, there is a man, whose hair and visible eye match Riff's and, if he were standing and not floating, he would be a little shorter than Riff.

The problem with this man was that he was heavily burned, glossy-eyed, and obviously dead, if his transparency was anything to go by. However, despite his obvious presence, Riff doesn't seem to being paying him any mind; almost as if he doesn't see the ghost.

You could say he doesn't....but anyone who knows him well, will be able to see there's something off in the way he continues to perform his duties. He knows the ghost is there, he can see it, and it's effecting him more than he's wanting to let on.]
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The ashes from the fire still burn. )

[Riff Sat bolt upright in bed, a gasp ripping from his lungs as if he hadn't been breathing in a long time. His eyes stared in horror into his empty room, the dream still playing behind his eyes. The room was ridiculously cold, chilling him through, and he shivered.]


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