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[Character Name] Riff(ael) Raffit
[Canon] Godchild
[Point Taken from Canon] Right as Delilah's tower is collapsing around Riff and Cain

[Age] ~28
[Gender] Male
[Sexual Orientation] Riff: Homosexual | Riffael: Straight

[Eye Color] Ice Blue
[Hair Color] White/blue
[Height] 6'
[Other] He has a burn on his left breast that is shaped like a rose.
[Clothing] Riff almost always wears a suit and tie.



When first met, Riff seems like a generally reserved but polite person who is dedicated to his work and his lord, as one gets to know him; they’ll discover this is a very fair assessment. Riff is very polite with everyone he meets, even people he might not truly hold respect for still gets a generally polite treatment from Riff. Although Riff is known to keep thoughts to himself often, he is not introverted or reclusive by any stretch of the imagination. He will speak his mind when he feels it is necessary and, with people he knows and trusts, he can be quite playful, sarcastic, and even a tad cheeky. While Riff does have a temper, he tries not to let it take over and, due to his great self-control; he succeeds most of the time, his temper only showing itself when Cain is in danger.

As head-butler of Cain’s household, Riff is very dedicated to his job and ensuring that everything in the Hargreaves household runs smoothly. His work habits, already developed from his intense studies as a doctor, obviously stems also from his great love for Cain. Even though Riff is upper-middle class, he continues to do the job of a lower-class man due to his dedication to Cain and the Earl’s well being. Riff has heaps of patience and kindness that is easily apparent when he is dealing with Cain’s other servants, Maryweather, Cain’s little sister, and Cain himself. One of the biggest and best aspects of Riff’s personality is his complete devotion to those he loves and their well-being, willingly putting himself in danger just to ensure their safety.

One of the main complaints that has ever come up about Riff (from Cain’s uncle, Neil) is based on the scars that can be found on Riff’s wrists, evidence of when he tried to take his life. Too Neil this seemed to show Riff was unstable, however, it’s truly only evidence of Riff’s unfortunate habit of taking the blame in his own mind for things that were outside of his control. When Riff tried to take his own life he was feeling a vast amount of survivor’s guilt from escaping the fire that killed his entire family. This guilt is something he always carries with him, though he doesn’t often let it show.

Riff’s other personality, “Riffael”, who is supposedly the dominant one, is pretty much everything Riff isn’t. Where Riff is loyal and dedicated to the people around him, Riffael is loyal only to himself and would easily betray anyone around him in the blink of an eye. Riffael lives only to further his own goals for power and domination and he doesn’t really care who he needs to kill to get it.

Riffael’s defining personality traits are his cruelty and his holier-than-thou attitude, both things Riff lacks completely. One thing Riffael is very good at is manipulation; he’ll use anyone and everyone he thinks could be of some help to him, whether they mean to help him further his goals or not. About the only good thing that could be said about Riffael is his dedication to seeing his goals and plans succeed.


Due to his employment as head butler, Riff’s organizational skills are incredible and his cleaning and cooking skills are also at a high level. Riff has the uncanny ability to find out information about nearly anything and is also very good at locating people.

When he was in college he was a boxer and so, from that, Riff is incredibly strong, at one point he even stopped someone from punching Cain by grabbing the other man by the wrist in the middle of his punch, proving not only his strength but also his swift reflexes.

Before the fire and before he met Cain he was almost finished with his internship at a medical facility in London, and his skills as a doctor show up regularly throughout the manga. For all intents and purposes, Riff is a doctor and, apparently, a very good one.

All of these abilities still reside in Riffael but one ability Riffael knows how to use but Riff does not is his ability gained from being a “deadly doll” (A corpse reanimated through magic). It’s not specifically clear what his ability is, but the results of it is that Riffael can literally kill people with his bare hands, cutting them open as though he was wielding a knife. It is believed that his hands themselves become sharp on the edges and, essentially, turn into knives.

Riff: All of them? He's a pretty affectionate guy

Riffael: None...don't even try it. >>

[Fighting] Injury? Yes please! Sure. As for inciting: Riff wouldn't but Riffael would. Both are good fighters.

[Other Permissions] All the permissions granted....except 4th wall. I don't really know how I feel about that. :|a

[Other Facts] He's going to call you "Miss" or "Mr." no matter what.
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