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All around the heat and flames dance through the building, burning the carpet and furniture like it was nothing. The heat is intense and the smoke makes it nearly impossible to see.

"Mother?! Father?! Clyde?!"

Dashing through the house, barely dodging flames and embers is Riff. He rushes through the sitting room and into the kitchen where the fire has already turned into an inferno. Laying on the floor, half under the table is the body of a woman with silver hair now darkened with the smoke, part of her body is burned and her eyes stare, glassy and blind, up at the ceiling.

"Mother!" Riff starts forward, but, the sound of something above cracking stops his steps and he retreats just before the roof's supports give way, caving in.

The stairs leading to the bedrooms and study is half collapsed and he can only hope his father and his brother aren't up there. That leaves only the living room. He pushes those doors open and the smoke floods out causing him to choke and cough. His eyes water as he tries to see into the room, the fire is strongest here.

He steps in, barely into the room and he trips over something solid sprawled out on the ground. Looking down he can see the body is heavily burned, but, the familiar sight of a certain cane nearby tells him all he needs to know and he makes his way around the corpse of his father.

As he finally makes his way to the center of the room, a figure in the smoke becomes clearer to see, the body at it's feet even clearer. Slumped over in the burning carpet and covered in his own blood is Clyde. Riff's once beautiful brother stared horrified up at the figure, his face marred by cuts.


Riff's eyes travel up to the face of the figure, illuminated by the fiery torch he holds in his hand and Riff gasps, once again choking on the smoke. There, staring back at him is his own face, splattered by the blood of his bother.

A sickeningly sweet smile spreads across his double's face and the cruel tone twists the voice he's used to hearing from himself with malice and hatred.

"Congratulations, Riff...you did it...you're free."

Riff couldn't think, he couldn't breathe, the fire that was once burning at his back, the intensity nearly causing pain, slipped away and all he could feel was a chilling cold as his chest clenched in pain. This was his fault.

[Riff Sat bolt upright in bed, a gasp ripping from his lungs as if he hadn't been breathing in a long time. His eyes stared in horror into his empty room, the dream still playing behind his eyes. The room was ridiculously cold, chilling him through, and he shivered.]


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